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You don't want a CMDB, you want a CMS (IT-Director.com)


You don't want a CMDB, you want a CMS (IT-Director.com)


david norfolk.jpgDavid Norfolk looks at how organizations should best manage their infrastructure. 

The IT environment is in chaos. That means that nobody is sure of exactly what IT there is or how it is configured or even where (or on what) it is running (that is, if there is limited configuration management). The assumption is that you can buy a database (the CMDB) which automatically discovers what you are running and neatly documents it through "automatic discovery". 

While this process does collect information about what is running with suitable software "agents", but it does not confirm that this is complete. This can result in a huge CMDB, full of data, based on automated discovery. What should be done with it all? The CMDB becomes a white elephant sinking under the weight of its unused, and increasingly out-of-date data. Organizations actually need a CMS, to help manage organizational assets and usage.

Source: http://www.it-director.com/business/quality/content.php?cid=11082


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