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Enforce Change Freeze.

Deliver uninterrupted digital services during surge in demand and rapid shift to work-from-home.

See Evolven in Action

See Evolven in Action

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Providing Uninterrupted Digital Services When Needed Most.

Numerous organizations, including many of our customers, initiated a “change freeze” strategy to deliver stable and uninterrupted digital services amidst a surge in demand and rapid shift to working-for-home.

Controlling planned and unauthorized changes during a “change freeze” is not an easy task – as most IT organizations today suffer from limited visibility into the actual changes carried out in their IT environments.

Ensure Effective Change Freeze. Know What Changed

Evolven Change Control technology detects and alerts IT organizations immediately of any unauthorized changes that break the freeze, as well as any approved changes that might cause stability issues.

  • Tracks all actual changes across your hybrid environment at the most granular level
  • Early identifies risky changes and drift using automated machine learning based analytics
  • Alerts on any unauthorized or risky changes
  • Reports and maintains a detailed audit-trail of all actual changes


Results in Minutes - No Risk

Results in minutes

Available as a SaaS or on-premise

Monthly subscription, cancel anytime

30 days money back guarantee – with no questions asked

Trusted by Leaders

Evolven is proven at the world’s leading enterprise customers, monitoring and analyzing millions of configuration changes and corelating risk in over 1 million environments every day.