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Every Configuration & Change Counts

When it comes to preventing and troubleshooting incidents, you can’t allow yourself to miss any little change across your entire environment.


End-to-end Environment

Most Granular Level

All Change Types

Near Real-Time


End-to-end Environment

Most Granular Level

All Change Types

Near Real-Time



We Blend Well With Others

Knowing what changed enables valuable insights not available before. But it doesn’t stop there, Evolven correlates and analyzes the configuration changes we collect with the tools you already have.

Machine Learning Analytics

Powerful risk-based analytics that rely on machine learning, anomaly detection and domain specific heuristics deliver actionable insights.

Position 10

Policy: Not compliant with expected policy

Position 6

Host Type: Happened in production environment

Position 11

Authorized: Automatically authorized deployment

Position 12

Operation type: Configuration item was updated

Position 8

Filter - Production environments in Online Loans application

Position 14

Impact: Critically impacts system security

Position 7

Time Anomaly: Typically overnight changes happened at noon

Position 13

State: Change is still open

Position 5

Consistency: Inconsistent with similar systems

Position 3

Loneliness: Change happened outside of most change clusters

Position 9

Frequency: Change in rarely modified configuration item
  • Noise reduction: automatically exclude irrelevant, noisy and low significance changes and differences
  • Correlation: correlate data within and between multiple data sources
  • Risk calculation: calculate risk scores for each change and difference dimension
  • Multi-dimensional risk analysis: combine all risk scores into the total risk for prioritizing changes and differences



Webinar: Top 5 IT Ops Challenges - How Machine Learning Can Help

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