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Evolven and Ymor Bring Blended Analytics to Dutch Market

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Evolven and Ymor Bring Blended Analytics to Dutch Market


JERSEY CITY, NJ (June 17, 2015) – Evolven Software (www.evolven.com) will be collaborating with Ymor, Dutch IT services provider, to to prevent IT failures or quickly resolve them by applying a Blended Analytics solution. 

According to Gartner, more than 80% of failures in mission-critical applications are due to errors in changes, configurations and releases. When an application is not performing as expected or even unavailable, this has severe financial implications for most businesses i.e. banks or online shops have no transactions, a community site can not serve its citizens, or a doctor can not reach critical patient information. 

"Change, not money, is the root of all evil"

Within IT centers becoming more complex, these types of problem are usually caused by changes. Ymor brings years of experience for dealing with this. "With our application monitoring applications, we can identify an incident at the customer's first call, but then we usually need to ask 'what changed'." Usually, it appears that there is indeed something that changed in the configuration of the environment." 

Richard Budding, Ymor CEO continues, "In order to resolve incidents, IT brings a number of experts together in a war room situation, in order to a review all operational data. Yet each expert only focuses on their own "data silo" such as monitoring and log files. In a complex and ever changing environment, this means looking for a needle in a haystack." 

Managing Changes

Blended Analytics is taking a new approach. The focus shifts from monitoring symptoms to monitoring and analyzing changes. Risky changes can be proactively detected before they cause problems. "So say goodbye to your war room," says Sasha Gilenson, Evolven's CEO. "IT departments are too often busy putting out fires instead of preventing these fires. That takes unnecessary time and money." 


Ymor IT service provider has implemented the software on some of their own IT environment and for a number of existing customers. Budding: "Yes, we are very excited. Evolven is easy to implement and the value is quickly visible. 

Gartner, the leading analyst in information technology, supports this saying, "Evolven is the only solution to link IT Operations to configuration and change management." 

In short, it is high time to bring the Evolven Blended Analytics software to the Dutch market. Cooperation will involve, Ymor contributing market knowledge and current services to get the new approach to the fore.

About Ymor

Ymor is a fast growing and innovative service provider based in Utrecht, which assists the Dutch Top 500 companies in improving the performance of complex IT environments with the goal of unburdening end users. An organisation may be experiencing problems with performance or availability. It may be building a new application or wish to bring it online. Or there may simply be a need for the complex IT chain to be closely monitored. In all such cases the Ymor 'Ketenbewaking' service monitors and optimises the IT environment. Our slogan says it all: "Ymor creates user comfort!" For more information on Ymor, visit:http://www.ymor.com/.

About Evolven

Evolven's Blended Analytics is a game changing IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) solution that correlates and analyzes cross silo data sources to deliver unparalleled IT operations insights. Evolven blends all relevant data sources across IT silos (including performance, log, network, deployment automation, service desk, and CMDB), and correlates them with changes – the true root causes of performance and availability issues. Powerful analytics that rely on machine learning, anomaly detection and domain specific heuristics turn this data into actionable insights for slashing mean time to resolution, cutting the number of incidents and improving DevOps and Audit. 

Evolven is a recognized IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) leader and was selected by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in IT Operations. Evolven is also the winner of the Red Herring Top 100 North AmericaTiE 50 Top Startups,  20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers, Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Provider, and ITOA50 awards. 

Evolven is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in the U.S., with presence in Europe and the Middle East. Evolven's executive team and advisory board include world-renowned experts in IT management and enterprise software. Evolven's investors are leading venture capital firms Pitango Venture Capital (www.pitango.com) and Index Ventures (www.indexventures.com). 

For a free demo call 1-888-841-5578, visit www.evolven.com or follow us on Twitter @evolven

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