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Evolven Integration with PagerDuty Accelerates Incident Response & Prevention

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Evolven Integration with PagerDuty Accelerates Incident Response & Prevention

FIRST - IT First Response Solution helps enterprises prevent, detect and resolve incidents before the trouble starts


JERSEY CITY, NJ, SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 - Evolven Software, provider of leading Change Control and Analytics software for the enterprise cloud, today announced its integration with PagerDuty, the global leader in digital operations management, creating “FIRST - IT First Response Solution”, for PagerDuty customers. Evolven also joins PagerDuty’s Integration Partner Program.

The FIRST solution and integration combines Evolven’s Change Control software with PagerDuty’s Platform for real-time DigitalOps in order to provide users with the unique ability to proactively highlight the risky application and infrastructure changes that lead to issues, as well as the ability to automatically correlate performance events and metrics with the actual changes carried out in their enterprise cloud environments. The solution will allow users to prevent, detect and resolve incidents before the trouble starts.

The integration allows joint customers to:

  • Accelerate Incident Resolution - automatically correlate actual changes detected by Evolven with incident data aggregated by PagerDuty, and quickly zoom in on the changes that are the true incidents’ root cause.
  • Prevent Incidents through Hypercare - receive actionable alerts on risky changes way before they can lead to an incident.
  • Drive Automated Remediation - use granular change data gathered and analyzed by Evolven to enrich and provide context to automated remediation.

“As organizations struggle to maintain control while rapidly accelerating speed of change, led by the increased adoption of DevOps, Agile and Cloud, we’re excited about the joint offering with PagerDuty,” said Sasha Gilenson, CEO at Evolven. “PagerDuty is a highly respected market leader, and FIRST will bring tremendous value helping enterprises to accelerate with confidence by preventing or quickly resolving stability, security and compliance incidents.”

“We are excited to equip our users with technology that delivers a huge advantage to IT teams, with actionable insights into actual changes,” said Steve Gross, Sr. Director, Strategic Ecosystem Development at PagerDuty. “Integrating with Evolven adds another critical layer for our users to prevent and effectively troubleshoot incidents.”

For more information: www.evolven.com/pagerduty.html

About Evolven

While we all recognize that unknown changes are the root cause of most stability issues, IT nonetheless struggles to identify what has actually changed. Evolven allows enterprises to track all actual changes that have occurred in their environment, using machine learning to detect and prioritize the riskiest ones. With Evolven, IT Operations, DevOps, and CloudOps teams experience fewer incidents, faster MTTR, and improved productivity.

Evolven is a recognized AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) leader and was named IDC Innovator of the year in 2017 and Gartner as a Cool Vendor in IT Operations. Evolven has also been included in Red Herring Top 100 North America. TiE 50 Top Startups, 20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers, Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Provider, and was a recipient of ITOA50 awards.

About PagerDuty

PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD) is a leader in digital operations management. In an always-on world, organizations of all sizes trust PagerDuty to help them deliver a perfect digital experience to their customers, every time. Teams use PagerDuty to identify issues and opportunities in real time and bring together the right people to fix problems faster and prevent them in the future. Notable customers include Netflix, Shopify, Cox Automotive, Box, Slack, DoorDash, Lululemon and more. To learn more and try PagerDuty for free, visit www.pagerduty.com. Follow our blog and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.