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Evolven partners with AppDynamics to transform performance management

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Evolven partners with AppDynamics to transform performance management

The partnership delivers AIOps solutions to cut the number of performance incidents and slash troubleshooting time.


Jersey City – July 8th, 2019Evolven Software Inc., provider of the leading Change Analytics software for the enterprise cloud, announced today that it has joined the new AppDynamics Integration Partner Program (IPP) as an inaugural member.

The program features a strategic collaboration with leading technology companies in the AIOps and IT Operations landscape. Every vendor in the Integration Partner Program has been carefully assessed to ensure integrations answer enterprises’ most critical needs.

AppDynamics is an Application Intelligence company, offering enterprises real-time insights into application performance, user performance and business performance.

Evolven Change Analytics software tracks all actual granular changes carried out in end-to-end hybrid cloud environments. Evolven uses patented analytics based on machine learning to analyze the changes it collects, and correlate them with AppDynamics performance metrics, alerts and transaction topology.

Under this partnership, Evolven and AppDynamics will expand the integrations of Evolven Change Analytics software into AppDynamics Technologies’ application performance, infrastructure monitoring, and operational intelligence solutions.

These integrations will provide customers with the unique ability to automatically correlate performance events and metrics with the actual changes carried out in their hybrid cloud environments, allowing users to prevent and quickly resolve performance and availability issues.

The integration allows joint customers to:

  • Accelerate troubleshooting: Get a prioritized shortlist of root-causes, based on the correlation and analysis of AppDynamics performance metrics, alerts and KPIs with real changes detected by Evolven.
  • Detect risky changes early on: Receive notifications on high risk changes, even before a performance issue is detected.
  • Manage consistency: Identify differences between and within environments to help prevent any operational issues.
  • Detect unauthorized changes: Detect actual changes that do not correlate to any approved change request, breaking the process and introducing great operational risk.

“We are very excited to expand our offering by collaborating with such a highly respected market leader such as AppDynamics,” said Sasha Gilenson, Evolven CEO. “There’s a strong, even intuitive synergy between Evolven Change Analytics and AppDynamics’ broad portfolio of IT operations technologies. The integration brings tremendous value to enterprises looking to create a new standard for stability, experience less incidents, increase MTTR, and improve productivity.”

For more information: https://www.evolven.com/appdynamics.html

About Evolven

While we all know that unknown changes are the root cause of most stability issues, IT still struggles to figure out what actually changes. Evolven allows enterprises to finally track all actual changes carried out in their enterprise cloud environment. It uses machine learning to detect and prioritize the riskiest ones. With Evolven, IT Operations, DevOps and ITSM teams experience fewer incidents, faster MTTR, and improved productivity.

Evolven is a recognized AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations ) leader and was named IDC Innovator of the year in 2017,Gartner as a Cool Vendor in IT Operations. Evolven is also the winner of the Red Herring Top 100 North America. TiE 50 Top Startups, 20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers, Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Provider, and ITOA50 awards

For a free demo call 1-888-841-5578, visit www.evolven.com