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Evolven Production Support Brochure

Evolven helps production support and operations teams identify changes and differences that caused an incident, or predict which ones will impact future issues.

ITSM Solution Brief

Evolven detects that all approved and unauthorized changes were actually implemented in your environment.

DevOps Solution Brief

Evolven lets you know what actually deployed, ensuring accuracy and consistency across environments.

Unauthorized Changes

Evolven knows exactly “what changed” in your environment and when. Detecting unauthorized changes early on is critical for preventing incidents, accelerating their resolution and mitigating security and compliance risk.

Splunk Solution Brief

Evolven correlates and analyzes actual changes with data from Splunk for unparalleled insights.

Overcome Workstation Challenges

Keep IT managers aware of workstation changes, inconsistencies and breaks from defined policies.

VSE Finds Valuable Answers in Minutes with Evolven

DLL Confidently Delivers Applications with Evolven

SDL Ensures Smooth Global Application Upgrades with Evolven

Spaarbank Argenta Optimises Application Releases With Evolven

ROI Analysis

This analysis outlines the quantitative and qualitative benefits of Evolven across multiple use cases.

Incidents in the Cloud?
Yes, Quite a Bit, And Here's How to Overcome Them!

Download the new white paper to learn how complete visibility into actual changes and historical states of Cloud environments will ensure successful incident and problem management in Cloud operations.

Unauthorized Changes - How to Identify, Manage and Address

Download the new white paper to learn how to gain clear, granular visibility into changes, including authorized and unauthorized changes.

Top 5 IT Ops Challenges and How Machine Learning Can Help

Download the new white paper to learn how Machine learning can help IT teams unlock the value hidden in huge volumes of operations data, reducing the time to find and diagnose issues.

How Evolven Blended Analytics Is Helping To Transform IT Efficiency and Value

Learn how blended analytics delivers unparalleled IT operations insights.

Data Science @ Evolven

Learn how Evolven applies machine learning for correlation, risk assessment and noise reduction.

IT Operations Analytics eBook

Learn how it can provide actionable insights for addressing practical day-to-day operations questions.

resources video evolven 6.0Webinar: Announcing Evolven 6.0

Evolven 6.0 is our latest and greatest release. It introduces a new version of patented machine learning analytics that delivers actionable insights for every use case in just a few clicks.

resources video cloud opsWebinar: Solving Incidents in the Cloud

Resolving incidents and problems have actually become even more difficult in cloud environments, watch this webinar and learn what cloud operations teams need to do to solve incidents.

resources video unauthorized chagesWebinar: Unauthorized Changes

Unauthorized changes can greatly impact applications that support business operations. Proactively knowing about unknown changes can help to prevent outages and avoid breaks in regulatory compliance.

resources video machinelearningWebinar: Connecting the Dots

IT still operates in silos. Machine learning allows you to see the whole view and it even enables effective causal analysis.

resources video itopsWebinar: Top 5 IT Ops Challenges

Machine learning can help IT teams unlock the value hidden in huge volumes of operations data, reducing the time to find and diagnose issues.

resources video changesWebinar: Know What Changed

Most incidents trace back to changes. So knowing what actually changed pinpoints true root-cause.

video resources resolving audit teams requirementsEvolven How To Series - Resolving Audit Teams Requirements

Evolven instantly provides accurate answers to the most challenging questions asked by auditors.

video resources reducing mttrEvolven How To Series - Reducing MTTR

Changes are responsible for most performance and availability incidents. Evolven accelerates troubleshooting, automatically pointing to actual changes that can lead to an investigated incident.

resources video success vseCustomer Testimonial

VSE implemented Evolven IT Operations Analytics solution to help them make the data center transformation smooth and risk free, cut incident investigation time, and help VSE stay in compliance effectively and efficiently.

resources video success vseSolving the Agility-Stability Paradox

Sasha Gilenson presents at the recent Gartner Data Center conference. In this session we share how leading enterprises already monitor and analyze actual changes for reducing MTTR and their number of incidents.

resources video success vseITOA Thought Leaders Interview

The ITOA Landscape Thought Leaders series interviews Sasha Gilenson on his insights and observations for what's happening with IT Operations Analytics.

resources video success vseITOA Thought Leaders Round Table

The ITOA Landscape holds a round table discussion with Sasha Gilenson (CEO, Evolven) and Bill Berutti (President, Performance and Availability at BMC Software).